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Enneagram of Personality

While it can be difficult to form a fluid team using different kinds of people, it can also be an opportunity to leverage growth and enhance each team member’s abilities.

‘Tmurot’s’ consulting staff is trained using two methods: the Human Dynamics method and the Enneagram of Personality..

The Enneagram of Personality (or simply the Enneagram) stems from the Greek words ennea meaning “nine”, and gramma meaning something written or drawn. It is a model of human personality, which is principally used as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. It has been widely promoted in business management where it is generally used to gain insights into workplace dynamics.

Organizations around the world are demanding more accurate information regarding their clients and employees. Many are also interested in developing a more personal approach within the workplace so that they can attract and retain valuable employees and achieve peak productivity. The Enneagram is uniquely suited to meet all of these needs. This model helps the individual gain better insights into his or her personal style and an awareness of his or her personal behavior patterns. When an employee’s personality type is understood, communication becomes exponentially more effective because people begin to recognize and make the most of diversity.

The process of self-understanding and understanding others contributes to the organizational proliferation in all aspects – in inter-personal relationships, team work, working and managing interfaces and in the overall organizational conduct. The two models – the compassionate communication model and the Enneagram Personality model-- when combined in a unique working model by ‘Tmurot’, create significant added value for the organization.

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