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Processes of Change
Tmurot’s expertise is in facilitating the process of change (leading, instructing, and guiding change). Organizations frequently face new situations and deal with changes and adjustments to their surroundings. The successful navigation of this ever-changing world of business requires preparation and planning. We see ourselves as your business partner. We associate with the staff of your organization as colleagues, inserting a new spirit into the organization; developing, establishing, and implementing new business practices; reorganizing your business; or developing new standards of operation.

We design and facilitate the processes of change in order to:
Achieve the desired results
bullet Plan the change process
bullet Design new organizational structures, procedures, and practices
bullet Build up the energy necessary to perform the changes
Impart knowledge and provide tools to implement the change

Tmurot has extensive experience in leveraging changes in complex corporate and large sgroups. We have the expertise to meet the needs of each sector. Our experience combines a thorough understanding of the various change issues with methodologies that ensure that the best results are achieved.

Forming Vision, Values, and Spirit

An organization’s vision, values, and spirit enable employees to feel connected to:
bullet The things that are important to them
bullet The values that unify them
bullet The spirit that constitutes leverage in achieving personal, team, and organizational goals

Tmurot leads the organization to develop its vision by allowing various groups of employess?? to share its core values. Throughout the process we allows participants to identify the unique characteristics and significant to the organization. Thus, we pour authenticity and overcome the common sense of the gap between the manifestation of the vision and the daily implementation.

"Tmurot also specializes in the design of ?? and the business code of ethics implementing it on both organizational and behavioral level. Tmurot provides tools for dealing the sustained challenge, with the gap between what organizations deal with and how they cope with dilemmas created while values ??are seen as incompatible to core manifestation.

Planning: From Strategy to Practice

The conceptual planning stabilizes the vision, the values, and the plan of action before the organization begins operations. This manner of operation characterizes the type of thinking that “outside-inside” ,balanced simultaneously by the type of thinking that “looks outward”.
We use methodologies that assist organizations in establishing their vision, values, strategies, and an integrative set of agreed-upon goals. These methodologies create a flow and internal consistency between all the vital organizational components in order to create the optimal conditions to achieve the organization’s goals.

The flow is created by the clarity of the vision and values that are designed accordingly. The action strategy translates the vision and values into comprehensive and clear actions that can be implemented. Those actions receive real and practical organizational expression through the organizational structure, work procedures, and behaviors.
These actions and procedures will express and utilize personal and organizational capabilities and strengths. As a result, the organization will be flexible enough to meet modification requirements in the competitive business environment.

Performance and Measurement Management
Organizations are increasingly focusing on measurement tools as the core of their business management strategy. “What you don’t measure, you can’t improve.”

Tmurot has developed a comprehensive solution for organizational performance management that performs smart and quick analyses. Over the last decade, Tmurot has developed methodologies that translate strategies into measurable goals linked to your organization’s levels in order to maintain internal consistency. It is a quantitative approach to performance and survey management. In addition, we have created tools that enable you to manage your alignment through the TPS Platform.

The TPS Talent and Performance Solutions® program is an internet-based computerized system that enables easy access from any computer and does not require a software download. The system is activated as an additional layer over the current information in the organization. It integrates data from various sources within the organization and presents a clear and measurable performance analysis. This enables managers to receive an on-line clear and integrative picture of the organizational reality, presented in short timeframes. The information is channeled directly to the managers and is designed to meet their needs. The organizational reality picture is presented after the system integrates data from the organization’s operational system, survey results, and other relevant data, which can be automatically or manually entered into the TPS system.
The integration of high-quality consulting abilities, practical experience, and an advanced computerized platform enables us to provide professional and accurate solutions that meet your organization’s needs in the performance management field.

Customer Service
Tmurot has gained experience and knowledge in the general field of customer service and particularly in the quality of service. We guide processes in the organizational system design of service providers, including the following:
Service strategies defined as answers to the following questions:
bullet Who do we work for and what is the overall result we would like to accomplish for them?
bullet What competitive edge will we gain through our customer service?
bullet What relationship would we like to foster between service providers and customers inside and outside of the organization?
bullet How will we measure the provided customer service and customer relations?

Relevant aspects of service
Assessment of service and the level of service the organization strives to achieve
Processes that generate “service circles”
The correlation between customer loyalty and customer satisfaction related to the service provided and examining the contribution of the service to the organization’s overall business performance (alongside income and expenses).
We guide processes that include: The development of the organizational service perception and its implementation and providing service skills for managers and employees using unique guidance methods, tools, and methodologies developed at Tmurot.
These tools and methodologies enable an independent training and guidance program for employees that provide unique service while maintaining low costs and high efficiency.
Tmurot specializes in developing and establishing service systems, customer-service centers, guidance, and instructions on how to formalize a service agreement. In addition, we have extensive experience and knowledge that allows us to guide and service improvement teams.
For more information, click on the following link: TPS system.

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation provides the organization with the essential raw material for organizational growth and development. This raw material increases the organization’s ability to respond to new opportunities, compete, and grow. In these uncertain times, where change is the only constant, efficiency is not enough to achieve organizational goals. The organizational evolution depends on an organization’s ability to systematically and consistently create new products and services that will be valuable to customers. The organization must also find creative solutions to organizational constraints.
Since the customer’s needs and expectations constantly change, it is critically important to provide creative responses. By recognizing the importance of creativity (carrying out creative ideas) and innovation (implementing new ideas), organizations must cultivate and improve employee creativity.
Over the years, Tmurot has developed models, observation techniques, and improvement methods for individual employees and for the organization as a whole. Tmurot has partnered with academic researchers who have shown that in Israel, and similarly in the United-States and Europe, employee creativity can influence an employee’s job performance and attitude toward an organization.

Dr. Ravit Maitar is Tmurot’s head instructor in those fields, and her PhD. Dissertation was on the subject of innovation and creativity.


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