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Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training can be simply defined asexperiential learning in the outdoors. The term ‘outdoor education’, however, is used broadly to refer to a range of organized activities that take place in a variety of ways in predominantly outdoor environments.
Philosophy and theory about outdoor training tends to emphasize the effect of natural environments on human beings, the educational role of challenges and experience-based learning. More and more organizations use this technique to enhance their employees’ and managers’ development. Research shows that employees who participate in outdoor activities are at their "rawest" level when outdoors because they are "stripped" of many of the conveniences of modern life. Essentially, participants can be true to themselves and more able to see others as people regardless of race, class, religion etc. In their new surroundings, all processes related to planning, thinking, employee performance, and behavior are translated into insights and lessons regarding the workplace.

Outdoor training also helps instill the basic elements of teamwork because participants often need to work together and rely on others. For many people a high ropes course or an outdoor activity may stretch their comfort zone and cause them to challenge themselves physically, which in turn can lead to challenging one’s self mentally. The advantage of learning through experience is the ability to create live scenarios that produce powerful reactions and different authentic ways of dealing with situations. The open-air, emotional, intellectual, and group challenges lead to breakthroughs of boundaries and the courage to make change a way of life.

We conduct outdoor training:
All around the country, in natural settings such as parks, forests and the dessert. It can be in the form of hiking trips, biking, horseback riding or even go-cart racing.
By sea--we integrate sailing techniques into the activity.
By air–we integrate skydiving with the “PARADIVE Sky Diving Club” on the Bonnim beach.

Unique trips abroad to locations in Turkey, Belgium, and Romania. These beautiful and unfamiliar sites inspire unique challenges and opportunities for change.

Mr. Eli Nir is Tmurot’s head instructor of the outdoor training programs. A graduate outdoor education program in the US he has developed unique platforms adapted to the Israeli organizational culture.

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