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Learning management
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Learning, Training and Knowledge Dissemination

Learning, instruction and knowledge dissemination are continuous and intensive operations within an organization and are part of a whole set of activities that support its business and operational processes. These operations are the main tools that enable updating of knowledge, delving deeper into the knowledge and its dissemination within the organization. It also enables them to provide instructions on short notice including those that are derived from regulation and other legal requirements.

The ability to manage the learning materials, their dissemination and promoting follow up while carrying out efficient check-ups on the effectiveness of the instruction and integrating the information into the organization as a whole. Specifically the departments, roles and employees, present quite a challenge for our measurement system.

teaching knowledge

Tmurot TPS has applied their advanced capabilities to the management of survey processes, result analysis, training management, training programs follow-ups and learning process effectiveness, integrating all of this into the overall performance results of the organization.
Tmurot uses the HR infrastructure of the system and the management of the organizational structure and process management competencies based on flow charts to support learning processes. These learning processes consist of learning materials management, dissemination follow-ups, learning process follow-ups (confirmed either by the learner or through examinations). They also include presentation of the results to management and share holders and the integration of results into the employee’s personal portfolio together with other data such as performance evaluation data.

Knowledge Dissemination

Tmurot TPS sets up a knowledge dissemination system that can also communicate the data through the organization’s various communication means. In this way the learning materials, general information, and communication means become available to the employees in one personal page. Tmurot TPS’ control system enables a follow up on the exposure extent of these materials and how extensively they are read by the employees.

Training Effectiveness

Tmurot TPS rose to this unique challenge as can be seen in the following accomplishments:
Receiving repeated ongoing feedback on employees’ training at different periods.
Using common indices for the managers’ feedback appropriate to each stage in the process and the respondent’s characteristic.
Integration with others’ quantitative performance indices as a means to validate the training effectiveness
The ability to see the results in real time in every possible section or breakdown

Accreditation Management

Organizations are required to use accreditation management procedures as a result of regulatory guidelines as part of the quality management within the organization.

Tmurot TPS fully supports the effective dissemination of procedures and training materials needed for the data refreshing, data retrieval and the management of the learning process follow-ups according to the regulatory bodies’ requirements. It can also present the history of recent management, maintaining threshold standards and in the management of problematic situations.

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