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  Customer Surveys and Performance Indices

“Looking Outwards” – Customer Surveys
Efficient customer relations identify customers’ needs, expectations and desires, and facilitate feedback and effective dialogue that are needed for customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer “engagement”, close to a service event.
“Customer Experience” consists of the feedback the organization receives from all the customer contacts with the organization turned onto a continuous and integrative outlook in real time with reference to the service supplier. This becomes an effective tool and the customers know that their opinion counts. In addition, in the event that the customers express their dissatisfaction the organization continuously strives for excellence and improvement, through these immediate responses.

Tmurot TPS platform allows a full integrated management system for customer surveys including a sampling methodology and a CATY system. The advanced CATY solution performs a complete manned phones and internet-based systems, controlling the survey workflow including interviewers’ follow-up systems. The advanced report generator system and flexible criteria turn the results into an investigative tool that can be used by the managers.

Performance Indexes
This computerized environment helps organizations find solutions to achieve organizational goals and serve to support the decision-making processes. Performance management makes it possible to combine qualitative and quantitative performance indices and integrate existing organizational data exported from the ERP systems or other systems. The ’Tmurot TPS’ performance management applications fully support the organizational work-flow in performance and skill management, designing strategic road maps and combining goals to provide “cause and effect” results.

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